With 7 different modes of massage plus the unlimited possibilities provided from the manual hand held experience, the Migun bed gives everyone an opportunity to experience a new way to a more healthier lifestyle.

  • A healthy investment for all the family.

 Why not get energised...get revitalised...get MIGUNISED!

Migun history and approvals

  • Invented in Korea 1988
  • Approved by the American Chiropractors Association
  • FDA approved USA
  • Listed on TGA register
  • Ongoing clinical studies in Asia, America and Australia
  • established in over 50 hospitals in China

Popularity, use and benefits:

  • 50 million plus users worldwide
  • 30 minutes on the bed is equal to an hours jog (University of California studies)
  • enhances recovery after exercise
  • may reduce injury time
  • a unique combination of oriental medicine, spinal mobilisation and thermal therapy
  • ideal for the home, health professional, sporting club or gym