What suburbs do you attend?

For purposes of remedial massage, or therapeutic massage for home or office massages we regularly visit clients in

  • Bathurst,
  • South Bathurst,
  • West Bathurst,
  • Kelso,
  • Raglan,
  • Mitchell,
  • Llanarth,
  • Abercrombie,
  • Windradyne and
  • Eglinton.

For Thermal Migun Health Bed treatments, clients need to attend our office at 71 Hamilton Street, Eglinton NSW 2795 (phone for appointment, 0412 651 208).

What are the benefits of thermal over standard massage?

Thermal massage, using far infrared technology patented by Migun Korea, has some unique therapeutic benefits that can greatly complement or substitute standard remedial massage methods -- providing healing, remedial, soothing experiences and results.

Recent research has revealed that "... a significant increase in T cell proliferative response to PHA, a polyclonal T cell mitogen, and a significant increase in NK cell cytotoxicity following the use of TMD1. We conclude that use of TMD twice a week may modulate immune function and may be beneficial in subjects with impaired immune function, such as aging individuals and HIV patients."

See more at The Effect Of Thermal Massage On Human T-Lymphocyte And Natural Killer Cell Function