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Welcome to (Barry Nelson's) thermal massage - a unique, complete therapeutic system.

Migun Thermal Massage Bed

The Migun thermal massage bed treats common health problems.

  • Align your spine
  • relieve back pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve stress
  • improve circulation
  • stimulate metabolism
  • boost immunity
  • enhance athletic performance
  • more spinal flexibilty
  • walk in...float out.....

Thermal Massage Beds at 49 Keppel Street, BathurstWhile lying on the Migun bed, internal probes travel up and down the back of the body, providing a spinal realignment, acupressure effects, massage and the regenerative effects of far infrared rays. Barry compliments the thermal massage with remedial bodywork, which includes oriental diagnosis and treatment and deep muscle therapy.  This enhances the effects of the thermal massage.  Barry also demonstrates therapuetic exercises which can easily be assimulated into your daily routine.  

It's time to take charge of your health. By having regular treatment,you will have less pain, less stress, more energy and more life...

ONLY $70 AN HOUR...OR  $120 FOR 2 VISITS...






The remedial massage includes oriental diagnosis and deep muscle therapy. 

Contact Barry Nelson (Dip TM.Cert TCHM.Enr.Nurse.HB Therapist). ATMS accredited therapist since 1986.

2nd generation accredited massage therapist (ATMS no 0548)  

Also at Gosford, contact Garry Nelson (Dip TM). 0432323393.


Inside the Migun bed there are jade massage heads with helium bulbs that gently move up and down your spine from your tailbone to your head in a wavelike motion.   These massage heads provide warm far infrared rays penetrating up to 7 centimetres into your body, whilst you are being massaged along your entire spine and legs under your own weight.   Far infrared therapy is shown to increase the circulation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

Oxygen is fundamentally important to the healing process.  Deep bruising, sprains, tears and strains all heal faster when supplied with oxygen rich blood.   With this increase in circulation comes an increase in white blood cells.   White blood cells fight off any infection that might interfere with the healing capabilities of the body.   Further, the far infrared heat helps your muscles to relax.   This facilitates stretching of the muscles and aids in elasticity thereby helping in the rehabilitation phase and in injury treatment and prevention. 


When your nerves and muscles along you entire spine are heated and relaxed and the gentle pressure from the wavelike motion of the jade heads is applied your vertebrae can then relax and your spine can re-align itself. Your body can heal itself if your skeletal system is correctly aligned and your nervous system is functioning properly. The Migun bed helps you do just that.


Acupuncture points along the spine, are stimulated by the far infrared rays which help to release blockages in the flow of Chi (energy). Migun's multi award winning patented design ensures the accuracy of the stimulation of the acupuncture points. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the goal for wellbeing is to have a free flow of Chi throughout your body. The Migun bed helps this happen for you. You'll feel the difference.


acupressure is similar to acupuncture but uses pressure rather than needles (or in this case jade massage heads). The Migun bed adjusts to your needs by applying your own weight to apply the acupressure effect. Throughout the massage, the jade heads stop for a time on specific points to perform the acupressure process.


the Migun bed massages the muscles and tendons around your spine which stimulate nerve and organ roots, relieves tension and facilitates the smooth flow of energy and blood. Regular sessions can ease chronic pain, make your muscles more flexible and improve your circulation.